Elim Baptist Church was constituted in the summer of 1870, in front of and to the left of the residence of C.F. Foy, in a grove of young oaks, about two miles north of Egypt. A man of great influence and social; leader in the community brought about a split in the church at Oliver (Little Ogeechee Baptist) over the use of an organ in their song services. Dr. A. B. Lanier organized Elim Baptist Church because of this issue. He and others who favored the use of an instrument left the Little Ogeechee Baptist Church and founded Elim Egypt Baptist Church.

The first deacons to serve the church were James H Ash, James D. Lee, Dr. A. B. Lanier, W. C. Hamilton, and H P. Brewer. The Rev. W. L. Murrow assisted in the drawing up of the first constitution and he also was called to serve as the first pastor. The first church building was erected in 1871. After the rift over the organ was healed, Elim Baptist and Little Ogeechee joined together in a union Sunday School from 1874-1876. In 1902 Elim changed its name to Elam Egypt and moved to the Egypt community.

The Elam Egypt Church would then alternate with local Methodist church in Egypt in a joint Sunday School. Worship was held every other week at these two churches in Egypt. Rev. R. G. Cartin, the grandfather of the late Mrs. Willie Greer Todd, who was a member of the Pine Street Baptist church in Guyton, was called to serve the church from 1872-1878. He was called again in 1923 and served 1872-1879 faithfully until May 20, 1928. By 1902 the Egypt community was growing and the Big Mill was located in Egypt. There was also a 17-room hotel, two grocery stores, a post office, and a train deport. The present sanctuary was built in 1902 and the same year a pump organ was given to the church. A milestone in the history of the church was to host the 75th anniversary of the WMU on October 7, 1964. The church was also selected to host the 100th anniversary in 1989 and over 200 people were present. In 1988 the church built a 6400 square foot educational building attached to the old building. Also in 1988 the C. G. Roundtree family gave the old Roundtree house to the church and the church renovated this house and now uses it as the church pastorium. The church also has two cemeteries; one outside of Egypt and the other is two miles away in what was once known as the Elim community and bears the name, Elim Cemetery. At the present time Bro. M Paul Moore is serving the church as pastor. The following deacons presently serve the church: Rickie Bragg, Ricky Smith, Dale Bragg, Will Caine, Greg Rogers, Brett Harden & Adam Jones. Also serving as deacon emeritus is Al Hunter.